The American Kennel Club (AKC), the Continental Kennel Club (CKC), and the United Kennel Club
(UKC) are known throughout the world.  Membership in these clubs can be advantageous if you are
showing, competing, or breeding your standard poodle.  

All three kennel clubs register purebred standard poodles.  A standard poodle registered with the
AKC, CKC, or UKC is considered a purebred standard poodle.  A poodle may be unregistered, but
still a purebred standard poodle; genetic tests can be used to determine if a poodle is a purebred
standard poodle.

These three kennel clubs each register dog breeds, but have a few differences.  

The American Kennel Club (AKC) registers purebred dogs within the United States.  Only offspring
of the original purebreds accepted into the AKC can be registered with the AKC.  AKC registered
purebreds can only be bred other AKC registered purebreds of the same breed in order for a
puppy to be eligible for AKC registration.  Poodles registered with the AKC are required to have
docked tails.

The Continental Kennel Club (CKC) was established in 1991.  It does not have a closed registry,
and does not require that the parents of a puppy be registered in the CKC.  In addition to breed
preservation, the CKC is dedicated to improving the breed health and the quality of dogs' lives. The
CKC breed standards are written to encompass the healthy physical attributes that make each
breed unique while allowing breeders and owners the freedom to move away from unhealthy
conformation practices.  The CKC will allow new dogs into the registry based on two witnesses
verifying validity of the breed and three photos to visually confirm the breed of the dog.  The CKC
uses DNA testing when necessary to check the validity of an applicant.

The United Kennel Club (UKC) is the second largest purebred dog registry in the world.  The UKC
between performance and conformation results in healthier, happier dogs for everyone.  DNA
testing is used to establish a dog’s parentage.   A majority of the licensed UKC events are tests of
hunting ability, training, and instinct.
     required testing for Standard Poodles

Hip Dysplasia
  • OFA Evaluation - OR
  • OVC Evaluation - OR
  • PennHIP Evaluation

2) Eye Examination by boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist
  • Results registered with OFA - OR
  • Results registered with CERF

3) Health Elective (One of the following tests)
  • OFA Thyroid evaluation from an approved laboratory
  • OFA SA Evaluation from an approved dermapathologist
  • OFA Cardiac Evaluation OR Advanced Cardiac Exam
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