About Us
Sunset Maple Poodles breeds red standard poodles
for health, temperament, intelligence, and color.  
Located in Northern Illinois, we have planned litters of
standard poodle puppies several times a year.  They
are home raised, nurtured and loved by us until they
go to their new homes.
Our poodles are our loving pets. We feed our adult
dogs raw. Sunset Maple Poodle puppies become
loyal, intelligent companions for all ages.
We do all we can to prepare our puppies to meet their future
family's needs. Our poodles go through extensive health
testing and cognitive development skill training to assure the
puppies that come from Sunset Maple Poodles are as keen as
possible. We expect our puppies to become loving members of
your family. At Sunset Maples Poodles, we strive to breed
puppies that can be with you while jogging, hunting, laying on
the couch, kayaking or participating in an agility trial. Our
versatile poodles can go anywhere the human spirit can
imagine. They also make great companions or service animals.