Poodle History
Poodle came from the German word
"pudel" which means to splash in the
water.  Poodles have webbed feet -  they
were originally bred to be water
 Their coats are moisture-
resistant, which helps their
Standard Poodles are known to be
excellent hunters.  They are used as
water dogs, gun dogs, for hunting birds,
and as retrievers.  Their intelligence and
appreciation for interesting games enables
them to also easily learn the skills
necessary for successful tracking at an
early age.
There were no red standard poodles until
1980 when the Palmares Kennel miniature
poodle with an apricot standard poodle.  
The breeders then kept and bred the
darkest and largest of these puppies.  The
beautiful red standards you see today are
healthy and intelligent and thrive on human
Not only are they excellent family pets, standard
poodles make amazing service dogs. They are
intelligent, intuitive, gentle, trainable, athletic,
playful.  They settle quietly in social settings, get along
well with adults and children alike, and respond quickly
to any opportunity to assist their handlers.  Standard
poodles  even raced in the Iditarod pulling sleds until
1991 when the race was limited to only hus
ky breeds.
Known for their high intellect and
train-ability, agility, gentle nature, athletic
hypo-allergenic qualities poodles excel
in agility (obstacle course) competitions,
where they are elegant and energetic
athletes that fly over and under and
through the obstacles with a strength
and grace
The standard poodle is considered one on
the most intelligent dog breeds.  Bred to
be working dogs, they have a strong
desire to please their owners and are
considered easy to train.  Loyal, social and
adaptable, they are found today in urban,
suburban and rural situations.